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InahujWhat does everyone this of the Patch?
Synwulf   I feel like they are pulling the game away even more from those of us who want to play casually. Especially as far as PvP goes. It was bad enough trying to get 230 while competeing against people in full 242. Now I'm still trying to get those 230 or whatever and seeing a lot in 246 or whatever the new top is.
Crelfax   I do need to specify that my primary focus is PvE. I do agree with Synwulf's critique of PvP and his ideas on how it could be improved. What I personally like about 5.2 is a noticeable effort from the devs to add multiplayer content for players with endgame objectives.
Inahuj   i think it was the weakest companion intro out of the whole game. I been waiting forever to get my wife back and it was probably the weakest story they have ever produced. Content wise i am happy. PVP wise they need to up the bolster for sure. the new dailys are unique so i can get on board with that. all in all i say its not bad for free.
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Dekion   Welcome Cornfed and welcome back Oni!
DekionPlease post any questions you'd like submitted for the Q&A with the Bioware Developers during Friday's Community Cantina!
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Dekion   Welcome to Ootini!
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