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DekionHello Ootinis!! I've added a Group Finder Calendar in the Events and Ops drop down menu. These will also show up in this feed!
DekionHarbinger Dark vs Light Status has come to the website! Scroll down to check your status!
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Crelfax   This new widget is the bomb dot com. Thanks, Dek!
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Dekion   Welcome to the SWTOR Ootini!
SynwulfPrepare yourselves Ootini Rage! May 17 will be part two of Datacron Hunts in search of Datacron Masters across the galaxy. We will start on Korriban then travel to Nal Hutta, Drommun Kaas and Taris. Don't forget to sign up and remember there is no limit to attendees or roles.
M88ESIr   This is really cool.
Is the fleet datacron included?
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Dekion   Welcome!
SynwulfI have created a recurring Datacron Hunt event. The first week will be Republic Specific and the Second Empire Specific. After that I hope to split teams to maximize ability to acquire the items.
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