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AhnNuIf you haven't seen the update notes/info for the patch on the 25th, check it, passes for operations, WZs, and the like will become BoL, and removed from the game come 5.0

Also, WZ comms will be BoP, no more trading to a character, so combine them all now if you want to use them before they get traded in for credits.
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SynwulfSo I just realized that I forgot to set up a PvP event for today....Bad Ootini Warrior. No levels for me.
AhnNuThe Bounty Hunter run in EV was a blast, though I think we were a little overpowered, got it done in just over an hour.
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GraceO'Malley   Ugh, totally forgot that was on Saturday, glad it went well!
DekionThanks to all the Inquisitors for a great run to end Soa's 20,000 year rule.
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SynwulfPumping up the Sunday PvP!!!! No limit to sign ups or roles. Pick your side. If we have enough we may fight with or against each other. Just bring it folks....no experience necessary.
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Cpt.Ghana Massimo   going to be fun
AhnNu   Last week was a blast, and if you don't think you are good enough, who cares, just jump in and have fun.

Word about expertise and gearing, anything over 208 is going to reduce your effectiveness, so 216/220/224 raid set pieces actually reduce your output. 208 junk pieces from the common crystal vendor is about the highest you want for lvl 65 PvP, without buying any of the PvP set pieces.
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SynwulfAll you "Weekend Warriors". I have to work tomorrow until around 1/2 hour after raid start. So we can either push it back an hour or you can kill TFB without me. I'll jump on as soon as I get home (around 7:45 or 8 central) to see what is happening and kick it off if it hasn't started. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Ivilon   ok man!
SynwulfWelcome Ootini! Ootini Knights' Weekend Warriors are currently recruiting for a healer (either Commando or Scoundrel) for our Sunday Casual Progression raid team. If you are interested or want more information please check out our forum thread or mail me. Thanks for your time! OOTINI!!!!!
Niraga   When is Sunday run? I have Scoundrel healer on Shadowlands I could xfer over if time works out (a bit of a crisis since 3 toons share same legacy healer gear, but pretty dead over there now) -Brian.
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